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Netflix's The Witcher puts the saucy into sorcery!

January 22, 2020 The Watchman
The Watchman
Netflix's The Witcher puts the saucy into sorcery!
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Find out why Netflix's The Witcher has fans going against the critics in this 
review of the hit TV series.

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If there’s one thing Netflix’s the Witcher has over Game of Thrones it’s that the series of books it is based on is complete. There’s not going to be any money grubbing show runners hastily wrapping it up so they can move onto the next project.

It’s still a ways off being the event television that Thrones was and while it has some similar elements—fantasy, titties, sword fighting, political intrigue, magic and more titties—it’s kind of ridiculous to expect the show to be Game of Thrones.

The Witcher is more like a darker and sexier version of Hercules or Zena meets Hellboy.

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