The Watchman

Watchmen - Lindelof's hero product for HBO

January 08, 2020 The Watchman
The Watchman
Watchmen - Lindelof's hero product for HBO
Show Notes

In this review of the HBO TV series Watchmen we discuss the interesting dilemma writer/director Damon Lindelof was faced with in bringing this show to life. 

On one hand he is a huge fan of the original story and truly reveres it’s creator Alan Moore so he is compelled to honour the source material. On the other, creating this show goes completely against Moore’s wishes of doing anything with the story other than leaving it in its original form. Moore’s stance is that Watchmen is a comic book and should remain one, designed to be read a certain way, not made into a film and definitely not a TV show. 

In approaching the TV series, fans of the comic, and of Mr Moore would experience the same dilemma that Lindelof suffered. Do you, as a fan, respect the creator's wishes and boycott the thing entirely, or surrender to your curiosity? 

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