The Watchman

The secret of Doctor Sleep's success

November 13, 2019 The Watchman
The Watchman
The secret of Doctor Sleep's success
Show Notes

This movie review discusses everything that made Mike Flanagan's take on Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' a success, with fans and the creator. Something Stanley Kubrick, was never able (or likely wanted) to do.

In 2013 Stephen King released the novel Doctor Sleep, a sequel to his classic 1977 novel, the Shining. In 1980 director Stanley Kubrick made the Shining into a film. However, Stephen King did not like it, especially some of the liberties that Kubrick took with the plot and characters.

So, how the hell do you make a movie based on a novel that’s a sequel to another movie made over 40 years ago, also based on a novel when the author of said novels didn’t like the original film, which is now a cult classic, and keep everyone happy? Check out the #MovieReview of #DoctorSleep to find out how they turned it around.

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