The Watchman

Stop making Terminator movies!

November 05, 2019 The Watchman
The Watchman
Stop making Terminator movies!
Show Notes

It really is time to give it up folks and if the only positive thing to come out of Terminator Dark Fate is that it finally buries the franchise then hasta la vista baby! Stick around if you want to listen to what I think could be the worst movie of 2019 in this movie review.

6 Movies, only two of which are good, and an entirely forgettable TV series. Surely by now we are all Termied out? Who even put in the order for this one?

Aside from a few little nuances—messing with timelines and a more plot holes than your grandfather’s underwear—Terminator Dark Fate is another case of badass technologically advanced killing machine playing cat and mouse with an ill equipped protagonist desperately trying to stay one step ahead.

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